Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Suprises abound in the Moore household..

It's been a wonderful few days in the Moore household. Frank is winding down from his semester, I'm waist deep in work, and Kira, bless her heart, is in the throes of a flu bug.
That's right, a flu bug. So yesterday, I wake her up in the morning. I smelled a hint of ick that made me think she had spit up. Then I felt wet..all over my sweatshirt. That's right, Kira threw up in the night and then rolled around in it. She was totally fine with this, but I was not. After a bath and a complete wardrobe change for us both, she looked and seemed to feel fine. However, last night she threw up right before bedtime. So we are back on vomit watch and pedialyte.
None of this has stopped K from her usual. We got our first "incident report" from daycare yesterday, notifying us that Kira pulled herself up on a piece of furniture and launched herself into a sharp corner. When she came home, she proceeded to recreate the situation multiple times for us. I'm hoping that a good part of her 90% head is cushion, because I don't see the climbing/falling/crying stopping for a while.
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