Monday, November 23, 2009

Update on Miss K

Thought I'd share a typical morning with Miss K. K woke up with a start as soon as I opened her bedroom door (sometimes I'll find her sitting up in the dark or talking to herself). She immediately shouted "Wow, look at my binkies!" and started "herding" them in her crib. Then I got the "Mommy, what to wear?" question. Kira loves picking out her shirts every morning, although she sometimes decides she loves two shirts so much that she has to wear both. Once the shirt of the day is chosen, it's time to hop out of the crib and run to show Daddy what "she wear today".

Getting K dressed is somewhat like herding cats, what with all the "work" that she needs to do. This morning, K felt that Daddy needed extra help, and pulled his deoderant out of the bathroom drawer to give to him. She then of course proceeded to systematically ask the names of all things in that same drawer. Luckily, in order to do this, K was relatively motionless, so I managed to wrangle a clean diaper on her and get her liquid vitamins in her mouth. She then whipped her head around and said "OH NO! TOOTH BRUSH!" -- she knows what comes next in the routine.

After tooth brushing, she says "bye daddy, I go dress" and runs towards the living room. This begins the wrangling of clothing (K would only wear a diaper all day if she could get away with it). Today, she was fine with the shirt, but did not want to wear pants. So there was wailing and gnashing of teeth while mom pins K down to put on the dreaded pants.

Once clothes are on, suddenly K becomes starving for breakfast. "I want some pan-cakes pease" Bing-bing is K's name for the microwave. She likes to touch the pancake to verify that yes, indeed it is cold, and requires microwaving (Oh, NO! COLD! Pancake go bing bing!). Once pancakes are made, we settle into high chair mode while K happily eats her pancakes while Mom does K's hair, socks and shoes.

Once Frank is all ready, K's remaining breakfast goes in a sandwich bag for safe transport, and she slowly makes her way down the stairs. It's very dramatic for her. Today, she wanted to count, but kept getting stuck on four (one, two, three....six!). She decided today that she was walking out the door on her own, and turned around half way to say "Bye Mommy, I have good day."

So there's a typical morning for Miss K.