Monday, March 31, 2008

Kira says...


"Hey, I think this label says there are more pictures up!"
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Friday, March 28, 2008

Quick wisdom for the day

If ifs and buts were fruits and nuts, the squirrels would all be fat.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In Non-Kira news...

Every time I see John McCain I think of this youtube video which is sad because I spend a lot of time right now in front of the TV breastfeeding:

In Kira news, today is a five (yesterday, by the way, WAS an 8) she finally started hitting the lower objects in the rainforest, and has discovered the dangling cow on her snugride. Unfortunately, all this newfound excitment makes her fussy sometimes :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yesterday was a 2, Today looks like an 8

Ever read your horoscope in the paper? They rate your day on a scale from 1-9 (is there a 10? I've never seen it). Yesterday, if you had looked at Kira's horoscope, it would have looked like this:

Today is a 2. Today is a good day to be generally and vaguely irritable to those around you, but only in short bursts. When you make a huge smile afterwards, everyone will forget until you startle them with another wail, which is fun. Today is also a good day to strengthen your vocal chords by screaming for Mom (a-LAAAAAA, a-LAAAAA) any time she is out of your nearsighted eyesight, because that really helps everyone relax.

Today, luckily, is so far turning out to be a good day (I'm projecting an 8) -- Kira slept somewhat through the night (I got 3+3 hours of sleep), and she is actually dozing right now in-between feedings. So, to celebrate, despite the fact that there is a lot to do, I am taking a "sanity holiday" by writing this blog entry while having an actually healthy breakfast omelette and checking email.

All in all, Chikin is a great baby, and yesterday was totally mild compared to many newborn's regular days I hear. We are so very lucky that we can still count on our hands the "two" days she has had.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hey, don't you know there are more pictures up?
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eyes of...Blue?

You may not be able to tell from the pictures, but Chikin still has dark blue eyes! Considering the very strong "very brown to black" eye dominance of the Lohrman clan, and the fact that blue is generally recessive, it's pretty amazing that Kira somehow managed to come up with blue eyes with a little ring of light blue/green in the middle. I realize they can change color at any point up to 4 months, but man, those eyes sure look like they are staying blue to me.

We also discuss her hair color a lot. Her skin tone is very much a redhead skin tone -- and by that I mean pale (might as well stock up on sunscreen now, kid). Her hair has a lot of red in it, but, like any redhead, it's definitely it's own shade of red mixed in with blond and brown. It changes color depending on the light, but one thing is for sure -- Kira has a LOT of hair already, and it's not falling out.

In other Kira news, she has mandated her own schedule. At night, she requests a feeding at 11pm, 5am, and 8am. These times are not negotiable, and any attempt to alter these times is met with "aLA! aLA!" wails and high pitched screams until the allotted time for the next feeding.

Once she gets what she wants, however, she is still a very calm baby.

There are other things going on in the world, other than Kira, I hear. For one, we have the NCAA basketball champs happening soon, and Greg our groomsmen is in space, literally. In ANC, we got a beautiful dusting of snow but it's pretty clear that the days for skiing are numbered.

Also, my "little" brother Will(ie) has a birthday today! Happy Birthday Will!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Pics!

Kira says have you looked at the new pictures yet?

Kira and I are having fun feeding, changing diapers, taking photos and playing with all the fun gizmos we now have in the house while Dad is at work. I am amazed at how much time it takes to take care of such a little thing, even if Kira is a very good baby. Between the two-hours start-start feedings and the diaper changes, everything just takes so much time. To add to the challenge, I am mentally impaired -- whether it's sleep deprivation or just post-partum baby dementia, I am not sure. All I know is that to concentrate or remember anything for more than two minutes is just not happening like it used to.

As for Kira, she is fantastic. In the last few days she has learned to spit bubbles out of her mouth, pee and poop specifically during a diaper change, and grab hair. She is wearing out with the rainforest excerciser -- she babbles to it and waves her arms and feet at it. She's not sure about the bouncer and the bumbo chair yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Friday!

More Pictures here...
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Friday, March 07, 2008

7 days!

Can you believe that Kira Marie is 7 days old today? I can't. It's amazing how fast she is changing. She spends more and more time awake and alert, and we're slowly getting to know her better.

Some things today about Kira -- yesterday, she started taking interest in stuffed animals. She can track them with her eyes (they still cross), but she now will stare at them for a while and wave her uncoordinated hands at them. She still likes to have her hands up around her face (like the picture) and have her feet crossed, but she's slowly learning to stretch out her legs more often. When she's alert, she likes to mimic our faces and is very interested in her mommy's hair. She is also very warm-blooded (maybe due to all of those ski sessions?) and is unable to keep socks on her feet. She likes to sleep all early evening, which is great for going to dinner, but awful for staying asleep at night.

Sorry everyone for the awfully late responses to emails and well-wishes -- I cannot believe how fast time seemse to fly at the moment! Anyways, more pictures here.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Kira Update!

I thought I'd give a quick update on Kira's first few days. She is wonderful as you can expect. I'm amazed at how much work a little baby can be -- between feedings, diaper changes, and sleep deprivation, it's astonishing how fast time flies!

We call Kira "squeak" now...she does little bird noises and squeaks a lot when she's uncomfortable. She also talks in her sleep sometimes, which is cute.

Pictures are updated...sorry for a lack of pictures, but half of the pics I need to fix on photoshop (sleep deprivation again) and I haven't had the time yet.

Thanks for all the well wishes,

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Leap Year Surprise


Kira Marie was born on February 29th at 2:51 pm. She was 7lb, 6oz, and 19.6 inches long. Baby, Mom, Dad and Grandma are all at home enjoying our new little bundle :)

I'll list pictures here as I can...
Pictures Updated!
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