Sunday, March 02, 2008

Leap Year Surprise


Kira Marie was born on February 29th at 2:51 pm. She was 7lb, 6oz, and 19.6 inches long. Baby, Mom, Dad and Grandma are all at home enjoying our new little bundle :)

I'll list pictures here as I can...
Pictures Updated!
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anne said...

poor baby. it's going to take her 20 years to turn 5. ;) something like that, right?

kira is beautiful. i can't wait to meet her! though early, i'm glad it went smoothly for all involved (reasonably smoothly). :)

Cousin Doug said...

Congratulations to the Moores. After we told the boys they had a new cousin, they proceeded to jump up and down and chant "Cuz in" "Cuz in."

I see Kira is proudly using her pink Purdue blanket. I know grandma and granpa are fans, but shouldn't she be Miami of Ohio b-by?

It looks like you all are very happy. Congrats!

aimilia said...

Dear Lori and Frank,

your little miracle has arrived!

Well done to Lori for going through natural delivery. I know it's not easy... but it's worth it.
Lori you were fantastic! Well done Frank for being there the whole time.
You will be great parents.

After giving birth to our daughter Lena, nurses tried to confort me by telling me that the second baby's delivery is much easier :-)

Now, after giving birth to Vasilios last August, I can confirm this! It was indeed "less complicated" :-)

In both cases though, I remember I couldn't believe that I managed to go through all that.

I wish you and Kira Marie all the best. Enjoy your time at home. Enjoy life as a bigger family.
Hopefully I will arrange a trip to come and see you very soon...

Aimilia, Marios, Lena and Vasilios

Anonymous said...


She's beautiful Frank

Jim and Kerry Hill

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Frank and Lori!
She is beautiful.
God Bless you all,
Cheryl Kelly