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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Weekly Recipes: Brazilian Black Bean Stew and Baby Food

Yesterday, we had a fantastic and easy slow cooker brazilian black bean stew.  I made it up based on multiple recipes but here's the idea:

Two cans of black beans, with water
.75 lb Italian Sausage (ground is best, but I suppose you could slice up a kielbasa if you wanted)
Hot salsa of your choosing (I used safeway's deli brand)
sweet potato cut up into small chunks
Mango slices (Del Monte does all the hard stuff for you)
Cilantro (chopped)

Take all ingredients except mango and cilantro.  Put into slow cooker on high.  Make sure there is enough water to just cover the ingredients -- if not, add water by filling up one black bean can.  Cook on high for 3-4 hours, or until sausage is not pink inside.  Plate with mango slices on top and chopped cilantro.  Yum!

Baby Pasta with sweet potato chunks:

Note: I used sweet potato chunks from the stew above.  One key to baby food prep is identifying baby food components in your regular meals, and putting aside those components.  Slow cooker made the sweet potato soft, so I didn't have to individually steam/bake the sweet potato.

one handful chunks of baked sweet potato (soft according to baby palate)
two handfuls Baby Farfalle Pasta (bow-tie, but you could use macaroni as well)
dab of butter
dab cream cheese
two tablespoonse shredded cheese

Cook the farfalle to instructions while you find the rest of the ingredients.  Drain the pasta and put into a medium sized bowl.  Throw in your butter, cream cheese, and shredded cheese while it is still warm and stir.  It should form into a cheese sauce.  Throw in your potato chunks so they get cheesy too.  Yum!

For Breakfast:  Apple, banana, strawberry, mango smoothie
Note:  Again, used the sliced mangos from the meal above.  The rest of the ingredients we had on hand.  Use less cider than you think you need; mangos hold a lot of water.

1/2 cup apple cider
two bananas
two strawberries
four slices of mango
squirt of lemon

This one's easy.  Spin with your immersion blender, add apple cider to your desired consistency. To freeze, scoop into ice cream trays and place in freezer.  Transfer into ziplocs once solid.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

New Photos!

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Six things about baby.

So Baby this weekend was a true character!

Some of the best parts...
1) Going to brunch at a friend's house.  Seeing Miss K interact with new people, playing peekaboo...demanding to see everyone's belly buttons.
2) Palm Sunday -- Kira at first was not into the palm branches.  But then, she saw all the kids waving them and marching around during the first song, she was transfixed.  After a nap in the nursery, she grabbed a palm and waved it, triumphantly shouting WOW! WHOA! as she toddled up and down the hallway!  I can't wait for the easter baskets next weekend.
3) Kira loves the kitchen, which is why we now have drawer locks on the most dangerous drawers.  K is known to walk around with a pie pan for tens of minutes, talking to herself, and licking the pan like she's eating something yummy.  
4) It was fun watching her play with a melon baller.  Out of all the things she could have done with it, she decided to scoop puppy food out of the dog bowl and feed it to puppy.  
5) Her language skills are improving by leaps and bounds.  She now knows the sign (followed shortly by the word) Please and says HIYEEE! and BYEEE! to everyone and everything, particularly birds.
6) She LOVES Galileo.  This weekend, while he was trying to take a nap, she pet him on the back gently and sang to him(because this is how she is put down to sleep at school), then found a blanket to put on top of him.  In the evening, I sometimes find the two of them lying next to each other.  The first thing she asks for every morning is puppy.  Galileo loves the attention, especially the extra treats she feeds him.