Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eyes of...Blue?

You may not be able to tell from the pictures, but Chikin still has dark blue eyes! Considering the very strong "very brown to black" eye dominance of the Lohrman clan, and the fact that blue is generally recessive, it's pretty amazing that Kira somehow managed to come up with blue eyes with a little ring of light blue/green in the middle. I realize they can change color at any point up to 4 months, but man, those eyes sure look like they are staying blue to me.

We also discuss her hair color a lot. Her skin tone is very much a redhead skin tone -- and by that I mean pale (might as well stock up on sunscreen now, kid). Her hair has a lot of red in it, but, like any redhead, it's definitely it's own shade of red mixed in with blond and brown. It changes color depending on the light, but one thing is for sure -- Kira has a LOT of hair already, and it's not falling out.

In other Kira news, she has mandated her own schedule. At night, she requests a feeding at 11pm, 5am, and 8am. These times are not negotiable, and any attempt to alter these times is met with "aLA! aLA!" wails and high pitched screams until the allotted time for the next feeding.

Once she gets what she wants, however, she is still a very calm baby.

There are other things going on in the world, other than Kira, I hear. For one, we have the NCAA basketball champs happening soon, and Greg our groomsmen is in space, literally. In ANC, we got a beautiful dusting of snow but it's pretty clear that the days for skiing are numbered.

Also, my "little" brother Will(ie) has a birthday today! Happy Birthday Will!

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