Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yesterday was a 2, Today looks like an 8

Ever read your horoscope in the paper? They rate your day on a scale from 1-9 (is there a 10? I've never seen it). Yesterday, if you had looked at Kira's horoscope, it would have looked like this:

Today is a 2. Today is a good day to be generally and vaguely irritable to those around you, but only in short bursts. When you make a huge smile afterwards, everyone will forget until you startle them with another wail, which is fun. Today is also a good day to strengthen your vocal chords by screaming for Mom (a-LAAAAAA, a-LAAAAA) any time she is out of your nearsighted eyesight, because that really helps everyone relax.

Today, luckily, is so far turning out to be a good day (I'm projecting an 8) -- Kira slept somewhat through the night (I got 3+3 hours of sleep), and she is actually dozing right now in-between feedings. So, to celebrate, despite the fact that there is a lot to do, I am taking a "sanity holiday" by writing this blog entry while having an actually healthy breakfast omelette and checking email.

All in all, Chikin is a great baby, and yesterday was totally mild compared to many newborn's regular days I hear. We are so very lucky that we can still count on our hands the "two" days she has had.


Anonymous said...

Well, everyone has a bad day now and again...even Chiken. She still so sweet.

Elena (Vale Ford) Stevenson said...


I am Elena, an old friend of Anne's. Remembe rme? Congrats on your new baby! We just had our second child too. Sleep deprivation...

chaipo said...

Hi Elena, of course I remember you :) Congrats on your new baby too!