Friday, March 07, 2008

7 days!

Can you believe that Kira Marie is 7 days old today? I can't. It's amazing how fast she is changing. She spends more and more time awake and alert, and we're slowly getting to know her better.

Some things today about Kira -- yesterday, she started taking interest in stuffed animals. She can track them with her eyes (they still cross), but she now will stare at them for a while and wave her uncoordinated hands at them. She still likes to have her hands up around her face (like the picture) and have her feet crossed, but she's slowly learning to stretch out her legs more often. When she's alert, she likes to mimic our faces and is very interested in her mommy's hair. She is also very warm-blooded (maybe due to all of those ski sessions?) and is unable to keep socks on her feet. She likes to sleep all early evening, which is great for going to dinner, but awful for staying asleep at night.

Sorry everyone for the awfully late responses to emails and well-wishes -- I cannot believe how fast time seemse to fly at the moment! Anyways, more pictures here.

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