Saturday, November 26, 2005

Skiing Fools

I love to cross-country ski! For the last few days, we had done our regular route through Russian Jack Springs park. Today though, armed with a new map, we were brave and tried Beach Lake Trails in Chugiak, which at the moment is the only tracked ski trails in the area for Classic.

Since the sun went down at 4:30pm or so, it was dark by the time we started. There is nothing like skiing on a new trail at night to get you confused. We were doing fine until we accidentally found ourselves on "Executioner". The trails I am more likely to ski are called things like "creampuff" and "pancake", so this made me a bit worried. Somewhere around executioner we got turned around, and probably skiied 10k or so to get back to our car. It was great!

I am also excited about learning to skate ski. This of course required new equipment, and although I have not tried them out, our stuff looks very fast. Frank's new skis even say "Ultrasonic" and his boots are a beautiful silver color.

Of course, first is the marathon next Sunday! Agh!

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