Friday, December 09, 2005

Narnia and other News

Blogs4God is collecting reviews of the Narnia film for your perusal. I never read the books or watched the film, but I have gotten into C.S. Lewis through the power of If you are planning on going to the movie, these might be good to read.

In other news...Frank and I did two awesome things yesterday!

1) We went to the VIP restaurant, which is Korean. It was well-decorated (Frank and I both are partial to Korean asthetic), and well-attended. Frank got bulgogi, which is a spicy barbeque meat, and I got bebimbap, which is a mix of rice, vegetables, seaweed, and a big egg on the top, all in a stone pot. To top off the meal, we got an assortment of little dishes of things like seaweed, kimchee and tofu, each of which were a bit different and super tasty. The tea also was suprisingly "ricey" and good. If you get a chance to go there or to any Korean restaurant, I suggest you go, because it is a lot of fun!
2) We bought Delicato's Bota wine box. Boy has the world of boxed wine come a long way from Franzia! It's a great idea -- you can get a box of wine, which is like four bottles, and it comes in a box. When you would like a glass of wine -- you can actually go get it without having to worry about ruining an entire bottle of wine with light and oxidation. Supposedly it keeps up to a month without changing into icky vinegar wine. I suspect it's good for the environment and also it's good for your wallet (you don't have to pay for the extra glass/packaging).

The question of the day is, why is the band Dokken still around, and why are they playing in Anchorage this weekend?

Happy Weekend!

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