Saturday, December 09, 2006

Needless to say, do not try this at home...

Sign this boy up for Cirque du Soleil!

In other seemingly impossible news, I actually made a Candy cane cake for dinner yesterday. It was my first tube cake as well as my first attempt at angel food cake ever!

Some tips I learned:
1) Egg whites from the carton are not good for angel food cake. You have to actually separate the egg whites yourself if you'd like good angel food cake.
2) Whipped cream topping...melts. When you make the cake, either wait to put the frosting on or put the cake into the fridge.
3) Don't turn the cake into a regular plate and then put the whipped topping on it. If you put the whipped cream topping on, then it settles down into the plate and you get soggy angel food cake.
4) My Kitchen Aid stand mixer is a LIFE SAVER.

Regardless of that, the cake tasted quite good! I totally recommend trying it just to say you have done it (angel food cake is a good thing to know how to do).

Here's the pictures:

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