Monday, May 21, 2007

"It's Time to call 911", Part 2 :Update

Through a series of strange circumstances, Frank, Galileo and I found ourselves at Jodphur trailhead for a hike this afternoon. As we were walking along the cliff edge, we heard a big boom sound. The smoke soon followed.

Luckily, we were in the only place in Kincaid park where you could get cell phone reception, and were able to call 911. The fire trucks were there pretty quickly (they had to crawl up the sand dunes) and saved the day!

UPDATED: Story on ADN with more cool pictures



subrosa said...

did you see what happened? sounds scary.

Steven said...

So what happened? Did a moose spontaneously combust?

Lori said...

Ha! They suspect that teens (who we saw) were playing with firecrackers on the dunes. Apparently that's a popular place for that sort of stuff.

It was scary! There were big orange flames and it eventually engulfed a 300x100 foot area. We had to "secure the area" by corralling curious 12 year old boys (Fire! Cool!).

The moose, Steve, are smart enough to avoid smoke and fire :)