Sunday, June 17, 2007

Safety Girl takes a Tumble

This is a story about my new biking socks.

I got them today while we were getting our bikes checked out after our 16 mile epic (for us) ride at Eklutna Lake with friends. We had a lot of fun riding along the wee edge of the minor cliff down to Eklutna lake.

Everything was going well, and so when we got to a little piece of technical trail with roots, I decided to try it. My first spill resulted in an impressive bruise, a wee bit of knee scraping, and a bit of ego issues. I brushed it off, readjusted my seatpost which had become cockyswabbled, and then caught up to everyone.

The end of the ride is essentially the far end of the lake. You can see where a massive avalanche took out a good section of forest. We stopped to take a look before continuing to a rest area. When I got to get back on my bike, I slipped on the loose gravel. At that point, my leg went into the disc brake:

Bummer. The good news was, it stopped bleeding relatively quickly. The bad news was, we had eight miles of dusty, dirty and muddy trails to ride back to the car. Can you spell infection? But the view was nice from that side of the lake:

The way back was uneventful, and I was able to keep my hypochondriacal self in check mostly. We got ice cream and smoothies on our way back which makes all scrapes feel better, too.

When we were having our bikes checked on, I saw these socks and felt like "Ride Bloody" socks were speaking to me, and would be a good addition to my biking wardrobe. It's good to be a mountain biker!


subrosa said...

yowch. this spring, a friend of my sister's had an awful accident on an atv that ended up with open wounds in a mud puddle (bigger than a puddle...smaller than a pond?). the poor guy is on antibiotics via iv for the rest of the summer (bad leg break + open wound + mud = ruined summer).

on another note, killer socks. ;-)

chaipo said...

Ouch! That does sound terrible! In this case, bactine seemed to have done a pretty good job in keeping the nasties away, although it is affecting my downdog in yoga.

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!