Friday, September 05, 2008

Babies on a Plane!

So, I guess there are a lot of cool things to talk about...first of all, Kira has a new baby cousin Mackenzie! We are all very excited.

Kira went to Denali and got to ride on her first flightseeing plane...she had a great time and fell asleep. Denali is cool, and big, and a great place for a labor day drive!

That's about it for now but thought I'd try to write something down here while I had a few minutes...
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anne said...

great update...beautiful pic...but what your mainlander friends really want to know: what do you think about your governor? ;)

chaipo said...

HA! I will have to think about that...

Anonymous said...

Was thinking about y'all. Found your blog and was delighted to see the latest! She's already been flying...her parents really are adventurers.

I love the pic of her sitting in her blue seat--such a doll.

Take Care,

Teresa N.

chaipo said...

Thanks Teresa! She is already a flyer -- did pretty well, even fell asleep!

Take care,