Monday, March 30, 2009

Ba-Ba Bahbit-Baht? Dis? Dis?

Thought I'd share a little snippet of Kira-speak for you.  We spent some time watching the basketball games last afternoon.  

Me:  Look!  There's a ball!  That guy is bouncing the ball!  He threw the ball!  He makes a basket! Yay!
Kira:  Baht?  Baht?  (Kira makes the sign for ball)
Me:  Yes that's right, it's a ball...
Kira:  Bahbit! (throws hands up in the air)
Me:  Yes!  He made a basket!
Kira: (claps, pauses, pats chest) ba-ba. 
Me:  Yes, you're the baby.
Kira:  Ba-ba baht?  (points to tv) Dis? Dis? Baht Dis?
(pause, then off of my lap and on to the next thing)

Kira also knows most of the time about her Het (head), Ice (eyes), Ba-ba Ba-ba (baby beluga), chuice (shoes), Tiktyu (thank you), and the incessant Dis? Dis? Dis? Dis? (either a I want whatever is out of my reach or tell me what its' name is over and over again).  It's great to see her communicating more clearly, although now that she knows we understand the angrier she gets when she can't have something.  Can the terrible twos start at 13 months?

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Anonymous said...

uh yeah...your "twos" started about that time.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Kira's Grandma