Sunday, November 04, 2007

Bad day for Galileo

Galileo got out of the back of the car, walked about five feet, then stared into space for two minutes.

It's probably the anesthesia. He had stitches put into his arm and groin this morning, and his back is shaved. He actually looks pretty normal except for his arm and back, which look pretty icky.

It started with a few nicks during a grooming session last night, but Galileo also kept picking at the wounds, making things worse. We took him into the PET center (Pet ER) this morning, and by 1 they had fixed him up.

In "good" news, they are filming a reality TV show for the Animal Planet in the ER, so it's possible that our little Galileo will make it onto TV. Frank also won an Ipod at the Grocery store, so that is all good.

Anyways, send good vibes to Galileo for a good healing, and I'll take some pictures once he's done sleeping off the drugs.

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