Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Kira/Galileo Update

Kira: A personal update on Kira. She now has enough amniotic fluid to bounce around in, has a gall bladder, and weighs 12oz. At this point, we speculate that she has a larger than normal nose (a "Bohannon" nose potentially) and that she has rather long toes and legs. When I was at the ultrasound, she was hiccupping, which is a good sign because that means she is using her diaphragm.

To the side is a rather creepy widget that shows you how Kira is doing and how long I have to go :). If you click on it, you can actually see what she should be working on this week.

Galileo: Galileo is doing well and is back to wagging his rear enthusiastically. He is finally off his pain medication so he is a little less groggy. The back scratches are healing, and of course he's starting to pick at them a bit. The gashes are sealing up fine, and luckily so far he has not thought of pulling the stitches out. Stitches come out in a week and a half, so if he starts pulling them out, we will have to put him in the elizabethan collar that he really, really, hates.


subrosa said...

the widget baby looks very much like a monkey...i'm sure kira looks better, with her bohannan nose. :D

just so you know, the alaskan friends puppets helped me put my niece to sleep one night. my sister almost took it home with her.

chaipo said...

Wow, who knew? I'm glad your niece liked it.

I don't know if Kira looks better or not, but she sure is more active. From the pounding she is giving my kidneys, I'm sure she's going to have good runner legs :)

amy said...

'Elizabethan Collar' sounds so much better than what we call it - 'Cone Head' - Although it fits our very dumb dog that has to wear one on occasion for a licking issue. :)

chaipo said...

Ha! Cone head sounds much more fun :). Galileo has a tiny little head compared to his neck so it's hard to keep the thing on him. But, his stitches are out finally, so we were able to give the cone head back!