Saturday, January 19, 2008

It must be the salt...

During my cold, Galileo has developed a taste for used kleenexes. He especially likes the snotty ones. Luckily, he's afraid of the bathroom so I can put them in the wastebasket.

In other news, once again (suprise) the sun is coming up. The sky is a beautiful peachy/pink color, and the clouds usually mean that it should be a relatively warm (20-ish) day today. Good skiing weather!

We did go ski yesterday -- Frank is so nice, he patiently let me lead now that I'm pretty pregnant, just in case I fall and can't get back up. I'm still pretty good at looking ahead and am enjoying the little boost of speed I have on the downhills with the added weight.

Anyways, hope your weekend is awesome!


anne said... just made me laugh with the comical imagery.

well, laugh and cringe. snotty tissues? ick!

chaipo said...

I know, the snotty tissues fetish of Galileo is a bit much. Ick.