Monday, January 07, 2008

Starting off the year right...

Long time, no blog :)

The Northtoak clan just got back from a fantastic family holiday tour of the midwest. Although it was incredibly wonderful to see family and friends, I am just now recovering from the travel and excitement. Something about being seven and a half months pregnant makes me quite a bit less able to bounce back from travel.

However, with a 12 hour nap under my belt (not kidding), I'm feeling a bit more spry, so Frank and I took to the ski trails this afternoon. With three inches of hours-old snow, the skiing was a bit sluggish, but the scenery was beautiful. When we started, the sky was peachy-pink, and it was stunning against the snowy trees and the orange lights. There were no moose today, but the ski trails were showered by the shouts of encouragement from the local high school ski team, who were doing relay drills along the gasline trail.

All in all, it was a great first ski outing in a long while. Although I miss my family and friends already, it also feels really good to be home.

Update on comments: I *think* I fixed the comments for everyone who warned me they were not working. Please feel free to use it :)


Doug said...

I'm glad you are home safely . . . Daniel and David love thier hockey Jerseys. We even had a comment from one of the instructors that saw the UAA Seawolves logo.

Have fun over the next few months.

Anonymous said...

Miss you already! I dropped my class just in case...I wanna be there.

Love you,

Grandma Mary (aka Mom)

chaipo said...

Thanks Doug, Thanks Mom!