Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Miss K update

Sorry for the long gap between posts -- now that I'm back to work, it's hard to find time to write (much less read, etc.). Any time I'm not taking care of Kira, I feel like I'm only getting ready for the next time I need to take care of Kira (washing bottles, flipping laundry, taking a shower, etc). It's like being a step ahead and a step behind all the time.

But here I am, writing while Frank entertains K on the exersaucer. Kira is growing up so fast! Today, we went out to Sunrise Grill, and she was just not having any of the car seat. So I put her on my lap and she stared at the tabasco for a few minutes. Soon, she was hitting the edge of my plate, which I had wisely kept out of (what I thought) was her reach. All of the sudden, she had my parsley, and was waving it around! It was very cool.

The picture here is our test run of the Moby wrap in anticipation for the midwest tour. You can see she likes it very much, and that she likes to hold on to her toothbrush, eventhough she has no teeth.

Well that's all the time I have -- Miss K is hungry again!
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Anonymous said...

I got your message last night. Sorry, I was shopping for daugher-in-law b-day!

Call U 2nite.


Anonymous said...

Looked at the baby pics. "Miss K" What can i say. They steal your heart! I love the commentary, especially the one about her innocent look after ruining your outfit/deadline.

We tried to go to the rivr last night. Got half way there to find a very bad accident, and a "at least several hrs wait" so we turned around. Oh well.

Enjoy your family...see you back in Anchor Town.

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