Sunday, August 17, 2008

On Growing up...

So, day care wound up being great. Miss K took about four days to really warm up to the team, but now she's just fine. She has learned a lot of new sounds and "tricks" from daycare -- like whining when she wants something, sticking her thumb in her mouth, etc -- but on the other hand, these are all things she would have learned anyways. I've been really impressed with the day care folks, they seem to really be attentive and seem genuinely concerned about MissK's welfare.

Two fantastic milestones have flown past in the last week -- Kira sits up on her own (as you can see), and she also rolls over on her stomach easily. Because of this, we have stopped swaddling her at night, which brings all sorts of problems. You see, MissK is flipping onto her stomach in the nighttime and does not find it a happy place yet. So, this morning, at 4:55am, Kira woke mommy up for assistance. Yikes, or should I say paraphrasing Avenue Q -- sucks to be mommy.

On the other hand, Daddy got Mommy a cappucino this morning, and mommy got to watch a half hour of Meet the Press. So now the day is good.

However, Miss K has flipped herself over again..MommyTime!
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