Sunday, October 19, 2008

The sick house

Here is a picture from last weekend, when all of us were not sick.

Frank's been sick with chills and a chest cold since Thursday, and spent a good amount of time on Saturday in bed. I've had a bad sinus cold since Friday, and of course you know what happens next -- yes, that's right -- Kira woke up today with her first bona fide cold. I would say she woke up crying, but she had lost her voice in the night, so the cry came out more like a tiny bullfrog ("yaak, yaak"). She has been having as good a time as she can, and even managed to sneeze out a massive pile of snot onto daddy's shirt with a huge smile.

Last night, I made tomato soup and grilled cheese for Frank. Miss K has discovered a deep love of tomato soup to go with her pickle spear fixation. She has decided not to eat any vegetables -- although I have to tell you, Gerber peas taste icky anyways. She will eat fruit if there is cinnamon in it. I tried whole milk baby yogurt with her this morning, and she gave me this look like "Seriously? Are you trying to kill me?".

Anyways, that's what is happening in the fun Moore household this weekend.
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