Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Update

We are enjoying our weekend after a very hectic week. Kira is at my feet playing with an old purse and some juggling balls, chirping as she explores the mystery of "bags can hold other things" and of course the miracle of velcro. She started this week by waving to me, and she's decided now that everyone, even the mona lisa in the office, requires a big wave. She started clapping on Wednesday, so now everything done requires a good clapping as well. It's kind of like having a very tiny but friendly chearleader in your house.

Beyond developmental milestones, it was my birthday (and Anne's birthday) this Friday. While Anne was listening to OC music and sipping Zinfandel, I was eating bad tofu, admiring a beautiful arrangement of roses, talking to family, and enjoying a fantastic champagne. Honestly, it was a great day.

We went to trick or treat town this weekend, which is an event staged in a parking garage for children to get candy in a safe environment. Kira and her friend Elyse seemed to enjoy the festivities as well as they possibly could for infants from their vantage point baby wraps. We felt weird getting Kira candy, considering she can't eat any of it yet. So we looked a bit like creeps getting candy for ourselves, using our child as a crutch. Ah Well. There were 50 stalls of candy-giving volunteers from various businesses in town, and at the end there were Taiko drummers, hot dogs, and popcorn.

Today is a beautiful, sunny day, which in the winter means it is insanely frigid. It's about 13 degrees out there. Yikes!

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