Sunday, November 23, 2008

Binky herding and other nine month antics


Sorry for not a lot of posting. Two of the clan have been sick, namely, me and MissK. A week ago, I got a call from daycare to pick up Kira, who had been running a fever and was generally not herself. A doctor's visit quickly identified baby's first ear infection, and we got some lovely tasting antibiotics for her. I'm so glad we took her to the doctor, because she immediately started to get better.

K is changing every day. Yesterday was the first day, ever, that I walked into her room to find her sitting up -- meaning, she sat herself up by herself from a laying down position. It's like suddenly that light just turned on in her head, and now she's doing it all the time.

She's also very much into exploring the world around her. Today, she found the DVD player and was so happy with herself, touching all the buttons, until Mom pulled her away, at which point she showed one of her new tricks -- a blood-curdling protest wail. Yikes.

I spend a lot of time during the weekend watching her, and trying to figure out what she's working on. For the last few days, she has gathered a bunch of binkys around her. She then carefully picks one up, inspects it carefully by turning it around in her hands, then puts it in her mouth. Then, she puts it back down on the ground, carefully, and moves onto the next. Last night, she expanded on her binky-herding repetoire by pulling over her other toys and hitting them with her binkys to make sound. She did this over and over, carefully putting down one binky, picking up the next, and repeating the hitting routine.

The big outing for the weekend was going to powerline pass to ski yesterday with friends. This was the first time we used the burley and ski kit, and, after a bit of wrangling with the parts, we were on our way. Frank pulled Kira most of the time, and Kira went to sleep after about two minutes of skiing. I think we were out for about an hour and a half. I'm so happy that we're able to involve Kira in our ski outings, and that we've gotten good at keeping her warm and toasty.

Anyways, K's waking up, but I thought I'd write something on the blog while I had some time :)
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