Monday, November 03, 2008


Kira wants to remind you to go out and VOTE!

What an eventful weekend! I spent Friday and Saturday sick as a dog, and then on Sunday we went to the fun that was early voting! It was like a queue with no ride at the end...except it was through a tiny little building. Like we almost always find up here, people are very cordial and friendly, especially when it comes to baby. Kira became really irritated around the hour mark (and who wasn't), but she hung in there with help from all the friendly early voting people. All in all, it took an hour and a half to vote on Sunday!

Kira is doing great. She is now purposefully crawling to objects that she wants (video is being uploaded as we speak). Weekends are wonderful but also exhausting, as Kira is still learning to play by herself at home. She is a flurry of babbling, clapping, smiles, curiosity, and gestures from morning to nighttime. Luckily, this does tire her out, and you can count on her sleeping peacefully by 8pm (knock on wood).

In holiday news, I am debating what fru-fru outfit Miss K requires for her holiday cheer. I am goofy over the on sale sweater dresses and crazy matching tights (like here). They would make such a fantastic picture for our christmas cards! When I am in a really goofy mood, I think of getting us all matching outfits -- now that would make a REAL super-fantastic card, don't you think?
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