Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby Food Monday

Hi All --

(by the way, new videos to the right)

Here's another scoop for Monday...you can freeze sandwiches! Cut sandwiches into quarters, wrap individually, and voila.

Spread of the week on her sandwich is...squash ricotta. Basically, we had a great squash soup this weekend, and all I did was scoop the leftovers into a free ice cube tray, then placed in a bag. 20 seconds in the microwave of two cubes + two scoops of ricotta = tasty bread spread.

On the family food front, we had KFC Curry last night -- that's Kitchen Food Cleanout Curry. Buy any curry jar from the grocery store, and chop up just about any vegetables you have hanging out in your kitchen. Fruit can be used to, and gives the curry a sweet flavor.

Have a good week!

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