Wednesday, September 30, 2009


To the woodland creatures on the wall runner in Kira's room:
Please stop pestering my daughter. I am tired of hearing about it at night and in the morning. No more "bunking of the head" no "moose poking the eye" and by all means no "eagle poop de pants!".

And which one of you is talking to her about Darfur?
K this morning: "Darfur! Momma Darfur!"
Me "What? What are you learning in circle time?"
K: "No. Darfur. RAWR!"
Me: "Ah, Dinosaur!"
So..dinosaurs. Stop having discussions with my political activist baby. Next thing you know she'll be lobbying for health care reform, and that's the type of discussion I'm not expecting to have for at least a few months.

And as for Swiping. OK? If I hear another sippy drop to the ground and "Oh, NO! Swiper STOP!" or "Oh, NO! Swiper hide de BOOTS" I'm coming after you!

And which one of you goes by "SUPER-POOPY!" Let's have none of that super poop either.

Thank you,
the managment

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