Friday, September 18, 2009


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In other family news, K is still a fantastic child. The unboundless energy she has in the morning is infectious. This morning, I found her already sitting up in her bed, taking charge of the day by rearranging her binkies in her crib. Suddenly, I heard "Panda!" "Ud One" "a Ud One!" describing her sleeper with lots of pandas on it. When her feet hit the floor, she was immediately off to find Daddy and tell him all about her pandas.

Yesterday, I heard in day care how all she could talk about was her Gamma and Papa. All day. She told everyone about Gamma and Papa, where they are (she still thinks they are in the airplane, although sometimes she supsects they are still waiting in the car).

One tough thing to realize is that in her world, TV shows are just always available -- with Tivo she thinks her sources of entertainment are endless. If we run through all the backyardigans, she thinks that if we just look at the right menu, they'll reappear. When they are not there, she gets frustrated...literally pulling the remote from one parent and handing it to another (obviously, it's there, we're just incompetent). She then explains in a very authoritative voice "b'yargins, Oh-Tay?" and nods her head like she's looking for agreement. I wonder where she gets these things from.

In other news, it's fall. Our tomatoes are not red yet, which is a bad sign. I think frost is only a week away or so.

Got to go, but that's the update!

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