Friday, July 01, 2005

Eventful night

Last night, Frank and Frank's parents picked me up at the Cincinnati airport at 8pm for a leisurely drive back to Dayton. Little did we know that we were driving into a thunderstorm of biblical proportions. As we passed Touchdown Jesus, you could see the totally black clouds to the north. The sky grew pitch black, eventhough sunset was not around the corner yet.

For a while, we were just driving under these black clouds. Around 20 miles to Dayton, the clouds opened up and unleashed an incredible amount of rain. Sheets of rain made it difficult to see and the whipping crosswind (any wind that pushes around a Park Avenue is some wind!) just added to the drama.

But none of that was the most exciting thing about the storm. The lightning was so frequent and bright it was terrifying. Every once in a while we would hear the crack as something was hit.

We were in the midst of the storm for almost an hour, and celebrated our safe return with Wendys at 10:00 pm or so :).


subrosa said...

i wonder if it was travelling to the west...or maybe l'ville got a latecoming tail of the storm. around midnight there was a crash outside my apartment that sounded like there was an accident. then there was rain and lightning. very exciting...

Lori said...

Hi Anne!

I think it was travelling west slowly. I believe it started northeast (Detroit area) and by the time I landed in Cincinnati, we had to break through the icky ground cover before landing. However, it really did feel like the storm was chasing us back to Fairborn!