Friday, July 08, 2005

North to AK will be running the Las Vegas Marathon

It's official! I'll be running the Las Vegas Marathon on December 4th. My goal? 4 hours. That's like a 9 minute mile for 26 miles. I admit, it's kind of daunting, but I figure it can't be much harder than running 10 minutes per mile as usual.

The other question is, after last year, why Las Vegas again? First of all, it goes down the strip this year, which should keep me entertained. Secondly, there is a straight shot flight to Las Vegas on Alaska Air (believe me, when you live in Alaska, a direct flight is a luxury). Also, apparently the wind should not be as bad this time of year.

So I will be enjoying my last few weeks of not-training by not running with any plan and enjoying the unchecked life of a normal person :).


Emperor Bob said...

My daughter is going to school in Las Vegas. I'll see if we can get you some moral support going on the race route. :)

Be strong. Run hard.


Lori said...

Great! Any encouragement is welcome :).

I saw your blog -- and agree that picasa/hello is just awesome, although flickr is pretty good as well for photos.

Anyways, thanks for reading!


Riona said...

Love your blog - what beautiful photos!

I'm running the Vegas marathon too, so I'll be back - it's awesome to see the progress of co-runners, like having training partners all over the web.