Sunday, November 26, 2006

"Toes are optional, Wiis are forever"


This morning you could find me standing at the only Best Buy in Alaska. It was three below, so I was in full winter survival regalia, including my down "Russia Coat" and three shirts underneath.

Once I got in line, the first thing that happened was that my temporary teeth fell out. That was a problem -- luckily a dental hygenist was in line in front of me and helped me come up with a fix. But I knew that once my teeth fell out, I was going to get lucky on the Wii, because life tends to work like that for me :)

After about a half an hour, the "Ticket Master" came up to let us know we were definitely getting Wiis. However, we needed to wait in line for another 30 minutes in order to get a little piece of paper we could trade in for a Wii.

Was it worth it? Yeah, you know, it is a really fantastic piece of gaming equiptment. The absolute best part of it was seeing Frank pick up a remote and quickly being able to figure out how to play the games. The whole thing is really intuitive.

Anyways, I'm still looking out for one for you, Mom :)

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