Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Contact your Senator!

reactions & reflections is watching the senate dealings for the immigration bill closely. I think this is very important legislation that could be either very good or very bad depending on how it's manipulated once it hits the senate.

It's very rare that I talk about political stuff on this blog, but this is a pretty important bill. I hope you will do five things:
1) Please take some time to read the bill yourself (Section 220). It's always good to read the primary source first before listening to talking heads telling you what to think (yes, even those of you who watch the Colbert Report).
2) Read Anne's commentary (more here and here and here). She's very familiar with the bill and immigration, and knows what she's talking about.
3) Read other commentary. Certainly many others have opinions on this bill. Find someone you trust, and read his/her opinion on the matter. If you have links to other opinions you find helpful or want to voice your own, go ahead and comment below.
4) Make up your own mind. Take some time to form an opinion for yourself based on your own beliefs and morals.
5) GET ENGAGED by contacting your senator on this very important issue (link's at the bottom of the first link in the post).


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