Friday, May 19, 2006

One Vacation Down, One to go...and an Update

Los Cabos is beautiful! We got back last night around midnight, worked a full day, and then are leaving again tonight for Hawaii.

Los Cabos was great, but HOT! I have worked through 125-with-heat-index days in the sun, but I swear the Cabo San Lucas boardwalk was the hottest I've ever been. No wonder people take siestas there! More later, but here's a picture:
I'm looking forward to the Hawaiian dancers that help us Alaskans get in the mood at 2am at the airport. There's nothing like standing in a line at 2am with flowers you are allergic to around your neck (I know I shouldn't get the lei, but golly, that's part of the experience!) It should be even better on cold medication :)

And one "very important update" for you all..
As many of you know, my wonderful husband is not only a talented musician, he has also avoided American Idol on principle. Today, he watched the final three, and has jumped on the Taylor Hicks bandwagon with me.

So, not only is Taylor Hicks my age (and yours Anne!), but Frank is a proud member of the Soul Patrol. If that is not a reason to dial in and vote for Taylor, I don't know what is!

Take care, have a good week!

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