Sunday, May 07, 2006

Whistling Swan Final Concert of the Season!

Last night was Whistling Swan's last concert of the season. Every year, it's amazing how high caliber the performers are that "Boston Mike" is able to bring up here!

The unexpected first act was Cheryl Wheeler. The reason Cheryl went first was because she was really, really sick. She was able to get quite a few tunes out, transposed to "Bea Arthur" keys, and certainly put on a great show despite her condition. I really did like her musical style, quirky but intelligent.

The most annoying thing about the entire night to me was the sound system. I don't know how you say it, but the mike was really odd. Cheryl could not keep within the "pickup range" of the mike, and Crosby Loggins had to be right on top of the microphone to get it to pick his voice up, but then the words sounded muffled. I guess that's the unfortunate story of performing, but I am grateful to have been in the front row so that I could hear.

Crosby Loggins is, of course, the son of Kenny Loggins. He's got an awesome voice, a great violinist (Paul Cartwright), and truly some really great songs! You can find two on his website above. His new album is coming out soon; I'll post a link when it's ready so you can buy it.

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