Friday, May 12, 2006


Where is the moment when needed the most/
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost..."
"You had a Bad Day" by Daniel Powter

So although all good fridays might consist of a yoga class and a caipirinha, there are many other factors that make a good day a great one. To use a music reference (in honor of Anne's new piano) today at work I hit some good clunkers and the song ended on a minor chord.

One thing that one learns when doing things like marathons is how to be patient and endure the highs/lows of life. Not every run, not every mile, is going to feel wonderful and springy. Sometimes your legs will feel like lead, and for sure one day you experience your own personal definition of "bonking". However, without those bad days you would never appreciate those runs where you might as well be flying over the asphalt.

So with that said, for the rest of this post I am going to tell you five things that are good about today:
1) I'm going on vacation for two weeks!!!!!!
2) Yoga was hard but very relaxing.
3) Walking outside is wonderful. Today it's 65 degrees in Anchorage. Can you believe it?
4) Looking outside is almost as much of a joy as being outside. The sky is spectacularly blue and the mountains are graciously losing their snow (finally).
5) The world's greatest dog asking me to play ball, and the world's most wonderful husband is ready for another adventurous vacation!

How lucky can a gal get??? Have an excellent few weeks and see you on the flipside!

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