Thursday, June 29, 2006

Animal Behavior? Midwest Tour!

So here's an article about a lady who has trained her husband like one would a dolphin. Will it work for you?

Today is very hectic! We are leaving for the Midwest tomorrow night. One of us is already packed, and I am slowly herding items into a little circle on the floor.

It's very hard on the psyche to travel out of Alaska this time of year, because nature is just starting to come out to play. Today, on my long run, one of the first fireweeds were in bloom, and a lovely moose was chewing on a tree around Dowling. While I hate to leave, it will be nice to see family and friends!

Galileo knows something is up because he went to the vet to bring joy and happiness to everyone (oh and to get the health certificate). He was very happy to get treats at the vet -- last time they would not give him many because he was a little fluffy.

Anyways, enough about us. Everyone wish
Anne safe and happy travels to the Phillipines this week!

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