Saturday, February 16, 2008

Alaska News

From ADN today:
Iron Dog: Our Governor's husband Todd Palin is the returning Iron Dog champion. I guess he took a pretty nasty spill in the race yesterday, but he is OK.
Moose News: Buzzwinkle, the aptly-named moose who during the Christmas season got stuck in town square's lights after eating too many crab apples, was seen with a big bruise on his leg. They think he was hit by a car, but he will be OK.
Ski Time!: It is a very exciting few weeks for skiing up here. The high school conference nordic ski championships are this weekend! Who will get the coveted title of "skimeister" this year? We also have coming up the Tour of Anchorage on Mar 2, which is the second largest ski event in the US, and the Junior Olympic Cross Country Ski Championships on Mar 9-15.

In personal news, you can see we have a projected 26 days to go until showtime! At this point, I'm pretty tired of being pregnant, so am looking more forward to getting on with the whole thing. Kira, as well, seems quite restless. She doesn't seem to like it when I set things on my belly (I mean, what's the use of having a belly if you can't use it as a shelf sometimes?) -- she kicks off magazines and tivo remotes.

Anchorage is just beautiful at the moment. The sunset last night was spectacular. I think if the snow lets up (we've got maybe five inches of snow on the ground, and another inch or so being dumped at a moment), I just might try to go ski again. It's horribly cruel that when it's the hardest to ski for me Anchorage decides to have warmer temperatures (mid teens, lower 20s) and lovely fluffy snowfall.


Anonymous said...

The cake sounds delicious! I hope you save the freezer for me.

I don't blame Kira. How would you like people putting magazines and tivo remotes on your butt!

Don't worry, Kira, Grandma will be there before you know it! ;-)

Lori's Mommy

chaipo said...

Ha! I'm honestly hoping that baking will be my nesting habit...that way we can just build some reserves :)

I just think it's amazing that she can feel the slight pressure of a tivo remote and respond to it totally differently than a hand. I can't decide if we're anthropomorphizing or not.

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