Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday is Baking Day!

Baking a three layer banana cake with cream cheese frosting? Not trivial.
Baking a three layer banana cake with cream cheese frosting while pregnant and attempting to get the frosting to stick to the sides? Next to impossible.

This is actually my first attempt at a layered cake. I've made angel food cake before, and sheet cakes, but never an actual layered cake. After one attempt, I decided just to lump all the extra icing on top and not mess with the sides.
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Anonymous said...


The cake looks wonderful! are not nesting, are you?


chaipo said...

Ha! Mom, I do bake something every Sunday, so it's not out of norm, although this is a little more complicated than my normal baking fare. However, I think if I had insisted on appropriately levelling the cake and getting the frosting along the sides, or bought an offset spatula specifically for the icing, then I think I would be nesting.

Anonymous said...

This looks yummy . . . perhaps we can try this at the next family function...

Just in case you were looking for news for your blog . . . your cuz down in Bloomington, IL had fun singing to kids for Valentine's Day: