Saturday, February 23, 2008


It was such a beautiful day today! The sun was out, the temp was a tropical 32, and the snow was sure to be fast fast.

In fact, the weather inspired this 37.5 week pregnant woman to waddle with sticks on her feet (i.e. ski). After going to a fantastic lunch at Kinleys (where the eggs benedict special was great and the desserts were even better), Frank and I took to the trails. We decided to do the first half of Besh together, then Frank would do hillside while I finished up Besh. For me, everything was pretty smooth, and I enjoyed taking my time enjoying being outside.

When I finished, Frank wasn't back yet, so I decided to take Puppy on his usual walk. During that walk, I noticed that it was a little slippery, so I was taking really small steps. At one point in the walk, I called for Galileo to turn around and the next moment I was in the air flying backwards, like I'd slipped on a banana peel. My head hit the ground hard enough that it bounced. Galileo stared at me as I curled up into a little ball and swore a few times while I took stock.

I was OK, other than my head and pride :) I got up and walked back to the car to meet Frank and explained what happened.

Now when you are pregnant, there are different rules than normal. Normally, I would have waited out to make sure my head was OK, but of course with Chikin it's most important to make sure she is OK.

Which is how Frank and I wound up in OB Triage on Doctor's orders this afternoon.

Triage was actually very nice. They checked me in (all my stuff is already preregistered) and got chikin hooked up to fancy monitors. They asked a bunch of questions, which is good because I think some of them I won't have to answer again since they are now in my chart. They also asked me a bunch of questions, I think, to make sure I didn't have a concussion. It was kind of fun to listen to Chikin trying to kick off those monitors too - I do not think she is very fond of them. After about an hour of that (and of watching college basketball), we got an ultrasound. Kira is still sitting in a good amount of fluid, with her hands right around her eyes. After that, it was back on the monitors for a little bit and then the doctor discharged us all.

All in all, it was a good experience, except for the massive headache that I will have for a while. Chikin is doing fantastically and so is my uterus. Frank and I now know how to get to the maternity ward and are all prepared for what triage is like. Oh, and I should be careful and not fall again :)

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anne said...

gah...i'm glad things turned out all right. 8-[