Friday, August 05, 2005

Alaska Vacation Pictures, part 1

When my parents came up, I believe the first day we went to Eklutna Lake and then on to Hatcher Pass...

At the lake, we went down to the water's edge and looked around.
Galileo, as usual, was especially enthusiastic and got as muddy as possible by the end.
(Another shot of Galileo enjoying the lake)
Frank and Dad enjoyed the sunshine while looking around at the lake.

After Eklutna, we made our way to Hatcher Pass in Willow. Hatcher Pass is a dirt road for some of the way, but the ride is worth it:
Fireweed on the Pass
I assume this is Queen Anne's lace, but not quite sure.
Galileo in the back of the Tracker, waiting to be let out.
Another Hatcher Pass shot

Anyways, enough for today, I'll try to put some additional pictures up tomorrow...

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