Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Catch-up part 1: Zoo-riffic!

I think in total I have six weeks (approx 300 pictures) to wade through from vacation, so I'll just start posting them in a series :)

Last month(!), Anne and the Nick-formerly-known-as-Ritchie-Valenz joined Frank and I down in Cincinnati for an afternoon. What fun that day was! Here are some pictures from the Zoo, which was full of good kitties:

Miss Kitty eating her tail...
Curious kitty liked my camera...
Not a Kitty, but a gorilla :)
Sleepy kitty

Fast Kitty

Attack Kitty
Lemurs say hello!

BIG sleepy kitty
Good Rhino!

Flamingo standing

The "littlest flamingo". You would not know it from the picture, but this flamingo is having a great moment. You see, this flamingo was trying to stand on a rock, but all the other flamingoes were attacking to keep him off of that rock. Finally, Mom showed up to support the little guy, so that he could stand on the rock like everyone else :)

Good puppy!
Koi Pond photo

Maggie's relatives

Nick, Anne and Frank try to find the Cat House...

The infamous Nick and Anne picture :)

Anne and I at the Zoo...


subrosa said...

first - comment from anne. the pictures are excellent. the zoo offers a perfect frame for the shots. i like the curious cheshire cat who is looking straight at you. all those shots are suitable for framing...

subrosa said...

now a comment from nic (because the city does not allow blog comments, apparently). instead of editing it, i'm just pasting as is:

haha! how awesome are those pics? I was having a bad hair day, tho, I blame the illness. But I fit in with all the other animals, at least. :I

I tried to post a comment but the city blocks it, could you post a comment on my behalf on how cool those pics are (and on how cool Frank and Lori are, also)?


Lori said...

Thanks Anne and Nick --

That was such a good day, I'm so glad to have spent time with you two "cool cats" as well!

You can't tell by the small pics, but some of the pictures are a bit blurry (a problem with learning to use a non-automatic camera). So not all are good for framing. However, I do want to put at least the one of you two and the koi pond one up in the shop soon...