Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Week 1 Marathon Training

This week is officially week 1 of marathon training, although I am basically repeating last week (started a bit early :) ).

So far, things are going well. On the speed side, I ran a 1:48 400 at Exceed last night, which is probably the fastest I've run since high school. That was cool, but the coolest part is that I actually got faster through the workout. Perhaps I am just slow to get started -- I'll test longer warm-ups this week.

On the "long run" side, last Saturday I struggled through eight miles. By stopping the long runs almost completely since the last marathon, it's going to take time to mentally and physically get used to the longer running again. In order to jump-start this issue, I will be running the Humpy's Half Marathon this weekend. Should be fun, but also potentially a bit painful. We'll see.

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