Monday, August 22, 2005

My great DNF

So I didn't wind up doing the Humpys half after all.

The reason: 1) it was raining-pouring and the wind was gusting pretty bad. This combined with cold weather and #2 made it not a good day to run 2) I tweaked my neck on Friday -- not sure what happened, but by Saturday morning I could not turn my head left. Very painful!

So I consulted with my running friend, and decided to bail and get coffee instead. I think it was a good decision -- according to plan, we were not supposed to run this long yet, and so this was going to be difficult even on the best day.

So, the long and short of it is, this weekend's running was a bummer. But hopefully I will get back on track this week!

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subrosa said...

between preparations for my sister's wedding and vacation, my training schedule is completely messed up. this fall's race will not be the best for me. i intend to run religiously for the next 2 (eek!!!) months. :-P