Sunday, August 07, 2005

Alaskan Vacation Pictures Part 2

Whew, posting Vacation pictures takes a lot of time! More Vacation Pictures, these mostly of Hatcher Pass...

Down below in the valley is the road...

Kids walking around Solitude Lake

Another view of the road from the top of the pass

Mom and Dad at Solitude Lake

A guy was paragliding while we were at the he is waiting for the right moment to jump off.

He jumps!


Rule 1 of paragliding: Do not run into the mountains.

Flying high

Another fly shot

Do these photos make you want to paraglide?

Frank, Lori and Galileo pose for the camera

Good view of the peak

Beautiful flower -- do you see the bug on it?

Fireweed along a river

When we got back from dinner, there was a huge rainbow, completely spanning the sky. In fact while my parents were up here, we even saw a double rainbow.

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