Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Kincaid Park

We had the joy of getting more snow last weekend, which gave Frank and I the chance to take a photo safari out to Kincaid Park in her wintry goodness (you might remember our summer safari, which was quite different).

Frank ventures into a curve in the Mize Loop.

Frost on the trees is really beautiful.

Frank is a better skier than I on classical skis. Here he is, waiting for me to catch up :)

Queen Anne's lace in the winter looks a *bit* different...

The sky was relatively clear, considering how much snow we got the day before.

These two trees are entertwined!

Leftover holiday decorations on the Mize Loop.

A look out over the ocean.

More holiday decorating at Kincaid...

Frank (again) waits patiently for me to catch up!

X marks the spot!

Here's a picture looking over the inlet. See the white cliffs in the distance?

Frisbee anyone?

I hope to get the pictures from vacation up soon :)

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