Saturday, January 07, 2006

Lesson Update

No matter how great you feel, there's very few things that can bring you back to earth as quickly as learning a new sport. Frank and I had our first skating class yesterday, and it was, as I should have known, pretty madcap.

I had visions of looking just like Ole Einar Bjoerndalen (whose biathlon season I watched last year), only to find that I really looked more like Bozo the clown. Needless to say, my olympic hopes were somewhat dampened by this predicament, but I'm sure Ole was not always so graceful on his skis either.

Skate skiing is kind of like ice skating while sitting on an imaginary saddle, except that the skates are as tall as you are, and you have these really long poles to deal with. There are different pole/ski combinations to master, all used for different situations.

I am still optimistic with some bullheaded work, we will get better. Maybe by next week, we'll be able to do the Mize Loop at Kincaid!

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