Friday, January 27, 2006

Video Friday

OK last week it was podcasting, this week, let's talk about cool videos that are out there.

1) So you think you know how to fold a shirt? Here's a link on how to do it using topological advantages. Do you think this is how Extreme Ironing competitors fold their clothes?
2) Life in Alaska shows you a wonderous disappearing coffee phenomenon to try when it's really cold outside. I might just get up in the middle of the night to try this myself...

As far as last week's interest -- podcasts are COOL! Some of my favorites are the Onion Daily News, Bill Maher, and (teaches Chinese) and of course the Princeton Review (sings songs about vocabulary words). Go look on iTunes and see for yourself all the stuff you can listen to...for FREE!

In other news...
Agh! The Sony Aibo is Dead!. Bummer for those Robo-cup fans out there.

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