Sunday, January 15, 2006

Steelers WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steelers WIN! Against the Colts! What an exciting nail biter that was!

In the case of the Broncos/Patriots game, the Broncos clearly were playing well, but were seriously aided by a strange call by the referees. The referees made a pretty weird call on the Steelers too, calling an interception not an interception (granted I am not an expert or anything), but even with all the terrible luck, somehow the Steelers were able to come back to win.

The Steelers/Colts game is the type I really like. When one team is totally winning, I start feeling bad for the other team, especially when the cameras start panning the bench and you get to see all the long faces. I did feel bad for Peyton Manning, who is my age and also regularly trounced UK in football during my college years.

So I am looking forward very much to next week -- Broncos vs. Steelers. Anyone have a clue as to who will win?

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