Monday, February 13, 2006

C'Mon D!

Personally, my favorite character this olympics is the guy who shouts at the US skiers in the startbox. He says all the silly things you expect, in a rough heavy metal voice. For example, with Daron Ralves, it's "Cmon D! Kill this thing! Aaargh!". For Marco Sullivan, he said "Cmon Sully! You've got to want this!". I find it amusing and a bit frightening. If I were there, I would tell Mr. Testosterone to stuff it.

Which brings me to my next points. What is wrong with some of our athletes and their judgement? The whole ski-gate during the downhill is an excellent example. Bode had a new set of skis from Atomic that he used in the last training run. Daron Ralves then decided, at 4pm Saturday to take a twin pair out for a run. Then he decided to use them (although he had the fastest time on the first training run with his "old" skis) on the downhill final. Except, then Bode only got 5th, so there was Daron, about to go into the starthouse, switching back to his old skis. He wound up 10th.

I think that guy at the top shouting at skiers has something to do with it and is probably related to the Bad Idea Bears. Can't you hear him say,"Cmon D! Change your skis a few times!"?

Then this story of Lindsey Jacobellis comes out, and I start to think -- were athletes always this reckless, or is this a recent development in sports?

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