Saturday, February 25, 2006

Holiday Photos

I realized that I haven't published any vacation photos yet! Here are some from Puerto Rico:

This is the flag of Puerto Rico

Frank enjoys the warm sand and, you know, going outside in shorts without risk of frostbite.

Even limes go to the beach in PR!

So do sponges!

This is MY beach!

The dome of the capitol building of Puerto Rico

We visited San Felipe Del Morro Fortress, which was really neat. It was built with a lot of hidden passages and different ways to get places like a 3-d maze.

One of the secret staircases to the lower floor

While we were on our mandatory "tourist area" shopping stop, Frank and I ventured down a road that led us to this building, which we didn't know was the governor's house. While I was taking these pictures, a cavalcade of SUVs popped out of the gate and they waved at us. I like to think that it was the governor :)

After we finished our visit to the governor, we found our group at the Plaza de Colon. There's a statue in the middle of it, and it looked like Columbus was trying to lead the elves.

At the plaza, while waiting for people in our group to show up, I got really interested in the beautiful fountain that we were sitting on.

A bird was also very interested...

Here's a picture of the harbor from the boat.

I really liked Puerto Rico, although we really did not get to see much, since we got in late and had to get on the cruise ship the next afternoon.

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